Thursday, April 9, 2009

Finding Balance

On the subject of balance...
I recently had a debate with a friend. He assumed that because I'm taking supplements and going to an acupuncturist that my doctor uses only alternative medicine and treatments that haven't actually been scientifically proven. It made me evaluate what I have been communicating on my blog. I have found a group of doctors that implement research-proven treatments. As patients, we have to be very careful about what advice we take and what treatments we get. I always research and get a second opinion before I follow someone's advice.

There needs to be a balance in medicine. Sometimes patients can get disillusioned with western medicine. In response to that disillusionment they can go too much in the opposite direction. I have been to websites and blogs where traditional medicine is denounced, extreme health practices are supported, and where all balance in life is sacrificed for unbalanced cures and treatments. Medicine, diet, physical therapy, supplements, herbs, acupuncture, surgery, research, and prayer are all helping me with my pain. IF I tried too much of only one of these things I wouldn't find success. Extremes aren't healthy.

Balance in everything is essential to finding relief and happiness in life. Too much of one thing isn't healthy for us. If someone recommends that you only eat green veggies or only drink liquids, think twice before you follow. Be careful about following sites on the internet that have lots of testimonials and no outside research to support their claims.

Balance Rocks! You are wonderful and can find help and balance for your ills. Now go sign up for your optimism email. You'll feel better. Good stuff is happening!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sick Around America

Frontline did an amazing show this week entitled "Sick Around America." It's about our nation's failing health care system. You can access it here.