Friday, August 8, 2008

It costs way too much to be chronically sick...

Where are I am going to get the money to pay for all my medical expenses?
How can I get and keep good health coverage?
What should I do now to prepare for continuing health problems?

I went from working two jobs to being on modified bed rest. The medical bills came flying in, and the stress of a chronic illness, in addition to financial difficulty, was overwhelming. I quickly became informed on ways to save money!
Every week, I'll post new advice for the financial struggles of having a complicated illness.

Tip #1
Always avoid a break in health coverage. If you have a break in health coverage, it gives health insurance companies license to refuse to cover any preexisting conditions. Also, become informed about where politicians stand on health issues.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for chronically ill patients to get good health coverage. I have $30,000 in debt solely due to health care costs, because my illness was considered a preexisting condition, and health insurance companies refused to cover it.

If you're too sick to work full-time, there are companies that offer part-time benefits.
Discover Card
Circuit City
Trader Joes
Barnes and Noble

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