Monday, November 10, 2008

Remember to Breathe

One of the best ways to free our feelings is to breathe into them. Deep breathing assists us in several crucial ways. Physically, it cleanses our body of air that has been sapped of life-giving oxygen, replacing it with fresh, rejuvenating air. Interestingly, studies show that when elderly people practice deep breathing for only a few minutes a day, their memories improve dramatically. Psychologically, slow, deliberate, deep breathing allows us to move below surface feelings into an awareness of casual, root emotions that may be breeding discomfort in our lives.
Sue Patton Thoele, A Woman's Book of Confidence

I am the worst at this advice. I keep myself distracted, so I don't have to really feel the pain, but that also keeps me from really feeling things and from truly breathing. I have to remind myself to stop, breathe and feel. When I do stop and take deep slow breathes it clears my head and rejuvenates me.

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Abby Ras said...

Wow very interesting. I'll try it.