Friday, January 23, 2009

Time to celebrate!

Yeah! I have really good news! At one point I was so ill that I weighed a horrible 89lbs. I have worked very hard over the past few years to put back on all the weight that I lost, and now I'm finally back to my normal body weight. My husband reminded me that it's time to celebrate because I'm healthier! So I'm celebrating! I think I'll go eat some Rice Dream Ice Cream and gluten free cookies! :)

Chronic illness can be overwhelming when it comes to loving yourself just the way you are. It's important to be happy with the skin you're in! Take care of yourself and realize you're beautiful. Focus on your good attributes and become involved in something low-key that you're passionate about!

Check out the film Real Women Have Curves. It's a great movie with America Ferrera about embracing our flaws and recognizing how being unique is beautiful.

How you do feel about the popular trend in the media that you must be a certain size to be considered beautiful? How do feel about societal pressure to be a certain cookie-cutter look in order to be considered pretty? Feel free to comment!


Brittany said...

As long as you are healthy, every size/shape is beautiful! I'm so happy that you are feeling good about being back to your normal weight! I will call you tomorrow!

Ben and Heidi said...

You are so cute! Congrats on getting back to your normal body weight. You go girl

Ricki said...


A few thoughts:
When my brother left for his mission he said, "I'm going to be 200lbs when I came home." (He was really into body lifting and was hoping not to lose a lot of weight while he was away."
My aunt said, "So will I!"

Maybe that's not the right frame of mind... for either one?

I know I'm happiest when I exercise regularly and eat healthfully. But when I try on clothes I am always so frustrated! I am not over- or under-weight, but it is so dang hard to find clothing that is modest, fits comfortably, and looks cute for my size. And you would think my size was a good one for clothing options.

I think the problem lies in the expectation of looking a certain way. And it shapes the way I look at myself. I can feel really frumpy if I'm not dressed in the trends of the day, but the trends keep pushing impossible styles and images on us.

I have been thinking about this lately because I wanted to go shopping for my birthday and couldn't find anything, but one t-shirt, that I felt comfortable in. And I looked all over! I've come to the conclusion that to be myself and not feel like I have to fit into "the style" I am just going to start making my own clothes. Seriously, I'm going to the fabric store tomorrow. And I'm not a very good seamstress! But I feel like I have to do this if I want to be comfortable with my body.

So yeah, I think the world tells us what "beautiful" is and we all have to find our own way to redefine it for ourselves. Maybe I won't figure it out through making clothes, but maybe it'll be fun to try!

Rina said...

Congratulations Em!

carrs in tally said...

you go girl! wish i was there to enjoy some rice dream with ya :)

Lindsey Sharp said...

Yeah em!! You are so cute! Love ya!

Em said...

I agree with Brit, as long as you're healthy, every size/ shape is beautiful! and I also agree Ricki. There are way too many expectations and pressures for women to look a certain way. They have to be a certain cup size or they have to be young to be considered beautiful. I think different is beautiful. and women of all sizes and ages are beautiful! Thank you girls for your great comments!

Raye said...

That is a really good movie you recommended. I saw it last year on tv. I wish all young ladies could see it and believe it! Maybe if I had seen it when I was younger I would feel better about my body.

I have had fibro and cfs for over 20 years. I have to work. I barely get anything else done and lost my "life" years ago. It's really a struggle. Reading and learning that I am not alone is a bit helpful. I just hope and pray we can all feel better soon !