Tuesday, September 2, 2008


In his book The Inflammation Cure, Dr. Megs explains how almost all chronic sicknesses are related to some sort of inflammation in the body. He says that -itis is a suffix that means inflammation. Any disease ending in -itis is inflammation related. Arthritis, aging, and allergies come from inflammation in the body. Even dementia can be accelerated from inflammation!

Dr. Meggs supports eating fish and/or take fish oil! There isn't a cure for most chronic physical illnesses, but research shows taking fish oil can drastically improve how your body is able to handle disease. Fish oil or other types of Omega-3s can help you life a longer and healthier life!

Always consult your doctor before trying any new supplements. Ask your doctor for guidelines on how much fish oil to take, and what brands are best to use. My doctor recommended EPA-DHA Complex (Ultra Pure Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids) made by Metagenics. Taking Omega-3 essential fatty acids has reduced the inflammation in my body and helped to lessen my chronic pain!

Foods that reduce inflammation include:
Sweet Potato

I recommend reading The Inflammation Cure, by William Joel Meggs M.D., Ph.d. In his book, Dr. Meggs gives great examples of the benefits of eating an anti-inflammation diet. He recommends that you always eat lots of fruits and vegetables and add olive oil to your diet. Following this advice has been very beneficial in improving my health, pain, and need for medications!

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