Monday, September 15, 2008

Healthy Goodness...

At the time of my diagnosis, one the worst symptoms I experienced was nausea. I was vomiting all the time. It doesn't matter what your chronic illness is, it will be aggravated by your stomach digesting improperly. Sometimes, chronic illnesses can even be caused by an upset digestive system. Initially, my doctor tested me and treated me for a parasitic infection. (I had been living outside of the country for over a year.) Then, he had me do these important things...(Remember, it's important that you check with your doctor before you start any new treatments)

Probiotics - To place healthy bacteria in your digestive system, use probiotics--especially if you've been on a lot of antibiotics that can kill good bacteria. Better Nutrition says that probiotics are one of the "3 Household Essentials" (July 2008). "Probiotics improve resistance to respiratory infections, lower the risk of...allergies, and support healthy digestion. Probiotics are found in yogurt with live cultures and in supplements."

Elimination Diet
- If your stomach is upset, it could be from food allergies. It's important to meet with a doctor who guides you through all the steps of an elimination diet, so you can find out what your food-triggers are. I started out eating only veggies, rice and chicken and slowly added wheat, milk, soy, corn, eggs, sugar, nuts, etc. back into my diet. I paid attention to how I felt as I added these foods back into my diet. If I felt nauseous, groggy, or stuffed up, I knew I needed to eliminate that food from my diet.

Digestive Enzymes - These enzymes can help you digest your food better.

Fish Oil - This helps to heal any inflammation in your digestive track. Better Nutrition also recommends this as one of the "3 Household Essentials". It can help you have healthier hair, skin, and a healthier heart. It "helps to stabilize mood, reduce depression..., relieve PMS symptoms, alleviate attention deficit disorder..., and support healthy weight loss."

Nystatin - This help to kill any yeast overgrowth in the 'gut' that might be affecting your digestion.


Just_Kelly said...

Nice article Em. I'll have to incorporate yogurt into my diet more.

Em said...

Thanks Kelly, I didn't even know you had a blog. I just joined the world of blogging!

Rina said...

Em, you should write a book. I'm totally serious.

Ricki said...

Okay, I feel lame for ignoring my symptoms of possible food allergies. I am inspired by you Em and will try to figure this out. I'm going to start with an elimination diet. And don't diets always start on Monday? Lucky for me tomorrow is Monday!