Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It costs way too much to be chronically sick... (Financial Solutions)

Tip #2
Try using cash this month for all of your expenses. Budget how much you want to spend for the month, and take out that exact amount in cash. Separate the cash into categories. For example, set aside $300 for groceries, $100 for gas, $20 for entertainment, etc. Once you use the allotted amount of cash, don't spend any more money. Compare what you spend in cash, using this system, to what you normally spend using a credit or debit card. Using cash can decrease your monthly spending. Less spending means more money for medicine, doctor visits, and hospital bills.

Tip #3
If your health insurance doesn't cover some of your prescriptions, or you've already reached your maximum prescription benefit for the year, there is help. There are websites that offer applications for prescription assistance.
If these websites don't offer help for a specific medication you are taking, then contact the company that makes the medication. Sometimes the company offers coupons or other ways to help you afford your medication. If it's a new medication that you are trying, ask the pharmacist to only fill a week of it. Don't pay for the entire medication until you know that it doesn't cause any adverse side effects and that it works for you.

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