Thursday, September 18, 2008

It cost way too muh to be ill (Financial Solutions)

I just read in Newsweek this week that 1 in 5 is the "fraction of cancer patients with health insurance who still spend most or all of their savings paying for their medical care." ("We Fought Cancer...and Cancer Won")

Thankfully, Money magazine published an article entitled "50 Ways to Cut Your Health-Care Costs". If you are struggling to make ends meet because of medical costs, this article is very helpful!


Abby Ras said...

Em I hope you know how much I love you and I think it's great that you're doing this blog. You're an amazing person and I look up to you in many ways!

Jamie said...

Em, I really think this is such an amazing thing for you to do. I'm sure at times you felt like you were all alone in this, and I know there are people who will think this is such a blessing to find and know that they aren't alone. I know this will be so beneficial to people who have questions about their chronical illnesses and who need support! You're amazing.
It was very interesting reading your posts. I always knew you were sick ALL the time, but I never knew why or what it was, so it was very interesting to learn more about it!
I'm so proud of you and look up to your optimism on life!